Beryl Aquamarine - Gem of the Sea

Aquamarine is characterized as a blue or blue- green colored precious gemstone which give it the name, the ‘gem of the sea’. This beautiful pastel blue color gemstone is a variety of mineral Beryl. Beryl is basically a mineral composed of emerald, aquamarine, heliodor and morganite and sometimes the name of beryl is recognized by their color such as red beryl. The abundant source of beryl aquamarine is found in Brazil, Ural Mountains and in some parts of Siberia.

Aquamarine gemstone

The exceptionally brilliant colors and hardness of beryl aquamarine makes it a foremost choice of jewelry designers and jewelry enthusiasts as well. It owes a wonderful sparkle teeming with fine curves and cuts which make it one of the most favored gemstone to be used in a number of jewelry articles such as rings, pendants and earrings. The stunning sparkling beauty of beryl will surely fascinate the heart of every woman and will make her fall in love with the sky blue and sky green color of beryl aquamarine. One more interesting feature about beryl is that it can be transformed into an amazing and creative piece of designer jewelry with its classical step cut and elegant edges. Its durability and quality of going well with all skin types also make it a popular gemstone for the jewelry lovers. A loose beryl aquamarine is the best gemstone to be bought to create some fine master piece of jewelry.

Beryl aquamarine birthstone

Beryl aquamarine is mainly the birthstone for the people born in the month of March and is also believed to be the gemstone for the 16th and 19th wedding centuries. The loving blue color of beryl in aquamarine is supposed to bring love, joy and happiness to the wearer. It also promotes healthy and long lasting relationship between friends and couples. It also protects the wearer from evil effects and also strengthens emotional bond by reducing tensions in personal relationships. Aquamarine holds an interesting history and the legend tells that it was originated in a treasure chest for mermaids. It is blessed with both the colors of the sky and the sea, hence is thought as a symbol of happiness, purification and eternity. In ancient times, it was believed to protect the fishermen from destructive sea storms during sea voyages. In nutshell, beryl aquamarine is a popular gemstone blessed with an aura of mystic charm and irresistible beauty which makes it an adorable and loving gemstone for jewelry lovers. The elegant jewelry holding the wonderful qualities and magical appearance of aquamarine is no doubt an ideal gift for near and dear ones.