Morganite: The Rarest Buy!

Not many know about Morganite, as this is a very rare semi precious pink gemstone of the beryl family. Beryl is a mineral and these crystals are transparent, and it is only the presence of other minerals that adds its color. In case of Morganite, which is also known as the rose beryl, it is manganese that give it its pinkish color. The larger stones are more valuable and expensive than the smaller ones, because larger stones represent their transparent pink in a much more intense manner.

Most of the Morganite stones are in medium to light pink in color and is generally paired up with white gold in jewelry designs. Some stones can also come in warm salmon pink, which is then paired with yellow gold jewelries. These gemstones are very delicate and should not be worn daily as there are chances to become chipped or scratched.
Morganite measures 7.5 on the Mohs scale, and should not be confused as pink Emerald, because it is just not similar. These gemstones are naturally found in countries like Afghanistan, Namibia, Russia, Madagascar, Brasil and some parts of America. These, stones are really rare, and they are generally collected loose than worn on jewelries.

Morganite price and value.

These gemstones are very much in demand and when you need to purchase them you should look out for the big ones. Because of their greater intensity and color, larger stones will showcase them more than the smaller ones. Smaller ones can sometimes become really pale.
These gemstones have a refractive index of 1.583 to 1.590, and the gravity they come to is 2.80 to 2.91. These stones can be found in peach, rose, pink, and salmon. The demand for these gemstones has been mostly seen in the earrings and rings. These stones can be worn for special occasions, although they cannot be worn as an everyday usage.

The very first time that this gem was found, was in the 20th century in Southern California. It was John P. Morgan, a famous American industrialist who found this precious stone. The stone was then renamed after him. This stone was later discovered in Russia and later from several other countries like Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan and Russia. For the past several years Brazil has become the most important producer of Morganite stones. This stone was initially called as a pin beryl, and till today many call it by this name.