Yellow Beryl

What is Yellow Beryl?

While beryl gems are pretty well known in colors like emerald and aquamarine, the breathtakingly beautiful yellow beryl is sadly not as widely recognized. Yellow beryl is a yellow or golden colored gemstone that is often chosen for jewelry because of the fact that it is tough and beautiful. Yellow beryl is extremely resistant to breaking or corrosion, which makes it perfect for those looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last a very long time.

History of Yellow Beryl

In 1910, yellow beryl was discovered in Namibia, Africa. The company mining in the area found the aquamarine beryl as well, but it was the yellow beryl that really caught their eye. Lucas von Cranach was one of the most well-known jewelers during that time and was commissioned to create stunning jewelry for Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and his wife. Their exquisite pieces caused yellow beryl to become incredibly popular and in extremely high demand. Sadly, the world war began shortly thereafter and yellow beryl was forgotten. While its popularity is slowly beginning to increase again, it still is not as greatly desired as it was during that time. Nowadays, the major mining sites for yellow beryl are Sri Lanka and Namibia. Yellow beryl can also be found in parts of Brazil and Madagascar, but they do not possess the same vibrant yellow coloring.

Why Choose Loose Yellow Beryl?

If the overall quality of the actual gem is what you are most interested in, then loose yellow beryl is definitely the way to go. Buying loose gems means that you truly know the yellow beryl value and can see the actual stone rather than just the setting it’s been placed in. Jewelry settings often cover up the flaws of the stone, but when looking for quality, loose yellow beryl allows you to examine the entire stone. There is also the advantage of being able to select the exact stone that you want in your jewelry piece. You can select your color, cut, size, and shape and have the stone set in the exact way that you want it. When you buy yellow beryl, you know that it is a stone that will last forever if properly cared for, so you want to be sure to choose one that you know will last as long as it should.

Yellow Beryl Myths

According to ancient legends, yellow beryl (along with other beryl gems), were once used as protection. It was said that yellow beryl would ward off demons and evil of all kinds and protect the wearer; especially when traveling. It is also believed that yellow beryl instills feelings of cheerfulness while also bringing good luck, energy, and even eternal youth. Yellow beryl has also long been used in medicine to help heal a number of different ailments. Concussions, stomach ailments, and heart disorders are just a few of the things that yellow beryl has been said to heal; and many people still believe it today.