Chrysoberyls are precious gemstones defined as hard yellow green colored mineral found in crystal form consisting of beryllium aluminates. It owes a vitreous luster that varies from transparent to translucent. Some valuable varieties of chrysoberyls are cat’s eye and Alexandrite. It is one of the rarest gems to be found on the earth and is majorly mined from the Ural Mountains in Russia. It is endowed with some outstanding properties which make it an admiring stone to be used in creating fine jewelry. The foremost surprising quality of Chrysoberyl is its ever-changing color phenomena as seen in Alexandrite.

Chrysoberyls precious gemstones

When exposed to light, it shows a dramatic color effect by changing from red to green. Generally, chrysoberyls are found in honey-gold to green or brownish color but their certain varieties shows different color scheme in response to light. Chrysoberyl is an excellent gemstone for making fabulous jewelry pieces for you. Its hardness rates to 8.5 on Mohs scale and it also possesses a high refractive index and terrific brilliance just after ruby and sapphire. All these qualities make it one of the wonderful gemstones to be found on the planet specially designed for jewelry use. The cat’s eye is the most common and high quality form of chrysoberyls and is mostly used to design men’s rings. Instead of purchasing pre-set stones, it is advisable to buy loose chrysoberyls to get your desired jewelry pieces studded in white gold or sterling silver or platinum and that too in the color and shape you wish to look for.

Chrysoberyl Mystic

Chrysoberyl is derived from the Greek words, Chryso means golden and Beryl means green, thus forming the meaning, gold colored beryl. But as a matter of fact, chrysoberyl is not from a beryl family as the name suggests. According to mythological beliefs, chrysoberyl is associated with discipline and self- control. It also promotes concentration and tolerance power and turns the negative thoughts into positives one, thus attracting wealth and prosperity in wearer’s life. Because of its luxurious golden shades, it is regarded as a magical stone bearing the properties of bringing wealth and richness to the wearer. Not only this, chrysoberyl is also believed to bring peace of mind and self- confidence, thus helping the person to gain an overall well being of body and soul. So, go and choose the ultimate gem of chrysoberyl to adorn you with a perfect one-of-a-kind jewelry piece which will leave you spell bound with its unique color and radiance.