Vanadium Chrysoberyl

What is Vanadium Chrysoberyl

This rare and highly sought after gemstone is a collector’s item; and for good reason. Vanadium Chrysoberyl appears in breathtaking colors that are quite unique; generally either a blue-green color or a minty green. Vanadium Chrysoberyl ranks third in hardness when it comes to naturally occurring gemstones, with a hardness of 8.5. They fall right in between corundum and topaz on the hardness scale, but in beauty, they stand alone. This beautiful gem is also an “action gem,” which means that they change in response to light and movement; some even completely change color when exposed to light. Unfortunately, most are not familiar with the amazing color-changing qualities of the vanadium chrysoberyl and they are often overlooked for more attention grabbing faceted stones such as topaz or yellow sapphire.

Why Buy Loose Vanadium Chrysoberyl?

Vanadium chrysoberyl prices vary greatly depending on the size, cut, and quality of the stone as well as the jewelry setting that you desire. When you buy loose vanadium chrysoberyl you have more control over the price and can completely design your own jewelry piece according to your taste and budget. Vanadium chrysoberyl value increases with the quality of the stone that you choose. This particular stone is known for having few flaws, but the only way to be sure that your stone is exactly what you want it to be is to buy loose vanadium chrysoberyl. Because of its hardness, vanadium chrysoberyl is one stone that can be put in any jewelry piece without worry of damage. Rather than settle for what the jewelry stores have to offer, choose your own loose vanadium chrysoberyl stones and setting and make something that is truly one of a kind.

Vanadium Chrysoberyl Sources

The gem’s name is derived from Greek. “Beryl” means green and “chryso” means golden. Interestingly enough, even though their name would imply otherwise, chrysoberyls are actually not beryls at all! Vanadium chrysoberyl is very rare and cannot be found in many places. Some of the largest deposits have been found in Russia’s Ural Mountains, which is also an excellent source for Alexandrite. Scattered deposits have also been found in Minas Gerais and Bahia, Brazil as well as in parts of Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe.

Vanadium Chrysoberyl Myths

Since ancient times, vanadium chrysoberyl has been associated with protection. The gem was said to bring safety to the wearer and help keep disasters far away. Because of its often golden undertones, vanadium chrysoberyl has also often been associated with wealth and monetary happiness and comfort. Today, vanadium chrysoberyl myths claim that the stone will be invoke discipline and self control on the wearer and help him maintain a sense of calm and focus. The gem is said to increase thinking abilities and confidence while promoting concentration and helping the wearer to keep working hard and striving for accomplishment. Those working towards a major goal or striving to reach some new success are said to benefit from the effects of vanadium chrysoberyl.