Color Change Garnet

Colour change garnet is said to be one of the rarest gemstones on the planet. It certainly is one of the most interesting and unique; it is very hard to find a gemstone that changes colour hence these are highly sought after by collectors. Colour change garnet shows the most variety of colours in the world of gems: said to be every colour of the rainbow with the exception of blue. However, recent discoveries have demonstrated that under artificial light, they do turn blue. Often, colour change garnet is mistaken for alexandrite because they change colour in a similar way. Colour change garnet prices are very high, particularly because they are so rare. The exact colour change garnet value will depend mainly on the quality and size of the stone, but also the clarity, colour and degree of colour change.

Why Buy Loose Colour Change Garnet?

There are two main reasons for buying loose colour change garnet. If you buy a colour change garnet, you will have the ability to really choose the best looking stone. You will be able to pick the one that is the most flawless as well as be certain that it really is flawless all the way around. When set in a piece of jewellery, the fitting often hides imperfections, meaning that you could have a low quality gemstone without even realising it. The second main reason to buy loose colour change garnet is value. It is much cheaper to buy loose colour change garnet, although you will of course have to add in the price of your jewellery and the cost of having the stone fitted.

Colour Change Garnet Myths and Legends

There are many colour change garnet myths, mostly related to garnet in general. Garnet has been around for thousands of years, right the way down to the origin of men, where it was said that Noah used a glowing garnet in a lantern to help him navigate the ark. Travellers have been carrying garnets with them for many years, as it has long been seen as a protective stone or talisman. It was believed that the garnet could light up the night as well as warding off disaster and evil spirits.

Colour Change Garnet Sources

Colour change garnet is found in different regions across the world. In East Africa, they are found with quite high amounts of vanadium and chrome. The best ones are found in East Africa’s Umba Valley, with a high content of titanium and calcium. They are also found in the gravels of Tunduru. There are a number of mines on the island of Madagascar, where the colour change garnets are of very good quality and hence of high value. Another common place to find garnet mines is Ceylon, or Sri Lanka. These colour change garnets are particularly beautiful, changing from a reddish purple to blues, greys and greens in daylight. In Europe, colour change garnet can be found in Norway, although these are of less than one carat. However, some garnets that are more like alexandrites have also been found, which are of higher value. The stones are somewhat smaller in size. Colour change garnet is also found in the United States, where the mixture is mainly pyrope and almandine.