Demantoid Garnet

Garnets are available in all different colours, with the exception of blue. However, recent research has demonstrated that colour change garnet is able to change into blue when held in certain artificial lights. Demantoid garnets have gained their name from the word “demant” which is an old Dutch word for diamond (although now called “diamant”). The reason this garnet has gained this name is because the lustre has a stronger dispersion than diamonds themselves. It is an andradite type of garnet, usually in a green colour because of the high levels of chromium found in the stone. It is one of the rarest gemstones found on the planet and demantoid garnet value is very high. Exact prices of demantoid garnet will vary depending on the size, cut and quality of the stone, but don’t expect to find a cheap one. It is incredibly rare to find a demantoid garnet of five carat and almost impossible to find one of ten or more.

Why Buy Loose Demantoid Garnet?

The two main reasons to buy loose demantoid garnet are that you will have a better choice and that it is generally better value. If you buy a loose gemstone, you are really able to see whether there are any imperfections in the stone, and whether it is beautiful all around. Very often, when a gemstone is already set in a piece of jewellery, the setting will hide any flaws in the stone. If you buy demantoid garnet on its own, you will also be able to choose the setting it is in yourself. Lastly, it is generally much better value to buy a gemstone on its own, although you will have to add the material of the jewellery you want it to be placed in, as well as labour costs to the price.

Demantoid Garnet Myths and Legends

The former Tsars of Russia were big fans of demantoid garnet and they are found frequently in the ancient royal jewellery. However, garnet as a stone has been mentioned regularly in very old texts, including the bible. It is even said to have lit Noah’s way on the ark. The name garnet stems from “granatus”, which is Latin for seed-like. The stone has long been seen to symbolise constancy, faith and truth. It was also believed that garnet was able to heal a variety of ailments and has regularly been crushed to powder to relieve fevers. Travellers have carried garnet with them for generations, as it was believed that they would protected from disaster and evil spirits. Lastly, in ancient Asia and the American Southwest, garnet was used as bullets as it was believed that the wounds inflicted by garnet were more ferocious.

Demantoid Garnet Sources

Demantoid garnet is mainly found in Russia, where it was first discovered in 1868. It is found in the Ural Mountains along the banks of the rivers Chusovaya and Bobrovka. Some very small quantities have also been found in Italy, the United States, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Germany and Switzerland. In 1998, a new source of demantoid garnet was found in Namibia, but this seems to be a small quantity, meaning that the stone continues to be very rare.