Spessartite Garnet

What is Spessartite Garnet?

Spessartite garnet is coloured with a single fundamental element. This element is manganese, which makes it look orange in colour. Spessartite garnet, in other words, is always orange in colour. Of course, it can be mixed with iron or almandine, which makes the garnet look slightly redder in colour. If you want to buy Spessartite garnet, there are three typical types (called flavours). These are the light and bright stones, the deep reddish orange stones and the tangerine orange garnets. The Spessartite garnet value will of course depend on which flavour you are looking at purchasing. The prices also depend on the quality of the gem, of course. The largest mandarin garnet was 8 carat and sold at $2,400 per carat as a retail price. This was seen at Pala. Although this may seem quite high, Spessartite garnet simply isn’t a cheap stone. In fact, even the smaller stones still retail at between $100 and $250 per carat. Some very small stones are quite valuable, particularly if they do have a high carat value.

Why Buy Loose Spessartite Garnet?

There are two main benefits to buying loose Spessartite garnet. The first is that you have far more choice in what you want to do with the stone. Gemstones on their own make a fantastic gift, of course, but even more so if they can be set in a gorgeous piece of jewellery. One of the best gifts in the world would be a loose Spessartite garnet with a choice of setting. The second benefit is that you are able to check the quality of the individual stone much better. You will be able to see every facet of the gemstone and ascertain that there are no flaws that would otherwise be hidden by a jewellery setting.

Spessartite Garnet Myths and Legends

All garnets represent those who were born in January and hence the Spessartite garnet is used for the Aquarius sign of the Zodiac. Garnet is also representative of the planets Mars, Pluto and Mercury. The stone has been used for hundreds of years by shamans, healers and medicine men as garnet is said to help with varicose veins, arthritis and backache. In order for it to work, people often wear it as an amulet around the neck, but it can also be placed directly onto the skin where the problems are felt.

Spessartite Garnet Sources

The source of the Spessartite garnet will depend on which flavour of garnet you want. The light and bright stones are found mainly in Ramona (California) and Nigeria. The reddish orange garnets are also found in Nigeria. The last type, the orange mandarin garnet, is in a class of its own and can only be found in Namibia. If you are wondering about Spessartite garnet prices, these are the most sought after, valuable and expensive ones. Spessartite garnet has also been found in Burma, Brazil, Mozambique, Magadascar, Sri Lanka and Virginia (United States). Nigeria is the world’s main source of Spessartite garnet and many worry that the supply will soon dry up. This would, of course, mean a sharp increase in the Spessartite garnet prices.