Tsavorite Garnet

What is Tsavorite Garnet?

Tsavorite garnet is a green grossularite from the garnet family. Tsavorite garnets are a vivid, radiant green in colour and there are different ranges within the colour, from light green to deep forest green. This colour is quite unusual, as most garnets are actually red in colour. All gemstones are supposed to end in the word “ite” and because they were first discovered in the Tsavo National Park, these were given the name Tsavorite. Tsavorite garnet prices will, of course, be influenced by the quality of the gemstone itself. Very often, jewellers and the likes will buy high quantities of the stone in order to keep the prices down. It is true that Tsavorite garnet prices are much lower if you opt for low or medium grade stones, but these are much less beautiful and simply not as suitable for a gift or as a centrepiece in jewellery for example.

Why Buy Loose Tsavorite Garnet?

There are two main reasons to buy loose Tsavorite garnet. The most important reason is that it gives you the opportunity to fully check the quality of the gem. Very often, when a gem is purchased within a setting, the setting will hide any imperfections and flaws on the stone. Secondly, by buying loose Tsavorite garnet, you will be able to place it in a setting of your choice. Many people, for example, will buy a loose gemstone and then melt down old jewellery to make a brand new family heirloom for example. Of course, many people are simply enchanted by the gem and have no set idea of how they are going to use it yet. Because all garnets are also said to have healing properties, people also opt to purchase loose stones to place on affected areas of their bodies.

Tsavorite Garnet Myths and Legends

One legend of the Tsavorite garnet is that it is impossible to keep it hidden, because it sparkles so brightly that it can be seen through clothing. One of the things that make this gemstone so special, however, is that it is a very young gemstone on the market. This is because it has only recently been discovered. However, geologically speaking, it is a truly ancient stone. In fact, the rocks in which it can be found were first placed around two billion years ago. Looking at it that way, Mount Kilimanjaro was only a slight pimple when Tsavorite was already old. Unsurprisingly, this gemstone is seen as romantic and a symbol of eternal love and life. This is very fitting, considering that the stone existed even before the dinosaurs roamed our planet.

Tsavorite Garnet Sources

Tsavorite garnet is found mainly in East Africa. Most stones are found along the borders of Kenya and Tanzania but the Tunduru alluvial mining in South Tanzania is also a good source. Some very small pieces have also been found in Madagascar. The fact that the stone is not that commonly found yet makes it all the more interesting, of course. Unsurprisingly, this rarity also drives up Tsavorite garnet prices, but if you want something beautiful, you should be willing to pay for it.