Amblygonite is sometimes referred to as The Prophets Stone and is a common gem that includes other minerals like aluminum, lithium and fluoride. Amblygonite can be found in the same mines where gemstones like lepidolite, apatite, and tourmaline are found. Amblygonite as a stone is found mostly in pastel shades of pink, yellow, white, lilac and green. You could also find some which are totally translucent in nature.
The gemstone was discovered in 1800s in the United Kingdom and was named Amblygonite, which meant blunt in Greek. Although, it was originally found in United Kingdom, there are other places like Australia, Brazil, Germany, Norway, France, Spain and the United States that could bring out these precious gems.

How Amblygonite can be used in Jewelry?

These gemstones are relatively soft and weigh only 5 in hardness on the Mohs scale. Hence, this means that the gem is very soft and is subjected to easy damage when used as a regular jewelry. These gems are very rarely seen on bracelets or rings because these kinds of jewelries undergo a lot of wear and tear. Hence, they are more popular within earrings, pendants, necklaces and brooches.

How to take care for Amblygonite?

Just because these gems are really delicate in nature they should be handled very carefully. While cleaning, it is recommended that they are not dipped into harsh chemicals or into technology driven machines. Harsh chemicals can damage them and machines might even cause a danger of breaking them.
If you have brought home some loose Amblygonite, it is recommended that you store them in separate boxes to ensure its safety. Wrap them in velvet cloth, or in soft cotton to help them stay clean yet protected.

Amblygonite birthstone, mythology and lore.

Amblygonite is called The Prophets Stone, because many believe that it can bring in a lot of spiritual healing and understanding. Some people believe that the stone has a unique gift of helping one's emotional body into balance to bring out natural creative energies. For those who feel inadequate to manifest their dreams can take the help of this best gemstone to bring a clear understanding as well as remove all barriers to one’s thinking process. Wearing this gemstone or even meditating with it can help one find inner peace and encourage your mind to do creative work. The stone is known to bring out the creative part in every individual and attain the path of enlightenment for one's higher purpose. Hence, the stone today has been worn by a lot of people not just because of it beauty, but also for its healing purposes.