Color Change Fluorite

Color Change Fluorite is an attractive stone with an intense color change effect. When illuminated with incandescent light, the Fluorite is a lovely rose , pink or purple color. Under fluorescent light the gem often appears vivid blue or blue green.Fluorite is the one of the most popular stones for mineral collectors in the world, second only to quartz. Every mineral collection will have a specimen of fluorite. Color Change Fluorite is by far one of the most beautiful and interesting minerals available on the mineral markets.

Most specimens of fluorite have a single color, but a significant percentage of fluorites have multiple colors and the colors are arranged in bands or zones that correspond to the shapes of fluorite's crystals. The typical habit of fluorite is a cube and the color zones are often in cubic arrangement.
The effect is similar to phantomed crystals that appear to have crystals within crystals that are of differing colors. A fluorite crystal could have a clear outer zone allowing a cube of purple fluorite to be seen inside. Sometimes the less common habits such as a colored octahedron are seen inside of a colorless cube.

Color Change Fluorite Mythology:

Fluorite is said to enhance intuition, creativity, concentration and one's sense of order.It is also said to promote healing, and to facilitate healing work being done with other minerals, and to give protection against many types of diseases.Fluorite helps to release negative thoughts, and to give protection against them.The name Fluorite means 'to flow' in Latin. The term 'florescent' also has been derived from fluorite. Ancient Egyptians used the stone to carve statues and scarabs.The Chinese used it in carvings for hundreds of years. The Romans used in drinking vessels in order to ward off drunkenness, along with the amethyst.According to beliefs, the stone opens pathways in the brain to the higher dimensions of light. It increases alertness and mental activity and also helps in grasping complex and abstract concepts. The stone is also a favorite to therapists and counselors. It encourages truth, understanding and wisdom.

Color Change Fluorite History:

Fluorite is the most important natural fluoride. It can be found in many veins that are often associated to granitic rocks. Due to its richness and its colors, the fluorite has always been fascinating for the man. This mineral received several names (Spatum vitreum, Calx fluorata...) before being called fluorite. The commercial and industrial word is fluorspar (spathfluor in French...) Its crystallographic structure, very simple, was determined by William H. Bragg. This was done by x-rays diffraction