About Fluorite.

Precious stones are used in jewelry for making bracelets, necklaces and rings. It appears in different colors. Fluorite draws its name from the ‘fluorine’ a stone not often used in jewelry manufacturing. We sell only the best, original fluorites. You can buy at its lowest price with its original quality.

Fluorite birthstone, mythology and lore.

Fluorite has long been used for magic rituals in India. Amulets of Fluorite protect the wearer from negative influences. Bracelet made of Fluorite, attracts good luck love affairs, helping to control emotions. Fluorite in the form of ring greatly enhances the intellectual capacity and analytical ability of the owner. Fluorite gives clear mind, helps to concentrate on the most important tasks and in stone assistant researchers and investigations. It is very useful for nervous and irritable people. If people are creative stock Fluorite helps to give non-standard, creative ideas. The product of Fluorite cleans the atmosphere at home and removes the accumulated negative.

Astrologically Fluorite stone fits over all the signs of Aquarius and Gemini but Sagittarius is not recommended. The rest of the zodiac can use Fluorite. Fluorite is a wonderful assistant for headaches, as the stone has a healing influence over the cardiovascular system and brain. Traditional medicine believes that the Fluorite relieves weather-sensitive people to cope with insomnia, relieves nightmares. Fluorite is used to recognize and reflect the truth. This stone elevates our mind to a level of perception as reality becomes more real and more authentic than it was at first sight; Fluorite allows us to live in harmony.