Opalite Cat's Eye

Opalite Cat’s Eye is a very rare form of the opal stone that is creamy honey in color. It is called so because it demonstrates a very rare effect called the cat’s eye effect, whose official name is chatoyancy. This effect is caused due to presence of extremely fine inclusions within the stone. On directing a source of light on a cat’s eye stone, one gets to see a line or strip running perpendicular to the inclusions. This line and the honey color of the stone make the stone resemble a cat’s eye.

There is only one country in the world where Opalite Cat’s Eye is found. This country is an East African nation named Tanzania. Opalite Cat’s Eye is also found in red, white, yellow and black colors, in addition to the most common honey color. Opalite Cat’s Eye is an amorphous stone with a density of 2.10. It measures an above-average 5.5-6.5 on the Mohr’s scale. This means it is neither very hard nor very soft: just about suitable for use in making jewelry.

Opalite Cat’s Eye in jewelry.

You should advisably buy Opalite Cat’s Eye loose. This would prevent you from mistakenly purchasing a stone whose deficiencies have been somehow camouflaged using strategically done jewelry setting. Buying a loose stone has one more advantage: it allows you to utilize the stone the way you want and in the process saves you from making compromises while buying Opalite Cat’s Eye jewelry readymade from the market. Cat’s Eye Opalite can be either used as the central stone along with other stones or it can even be placed alone on a platinum or silver band. It suits gold, both white and ordinary, too.

In Opalite Cat’s Eye, the cut of the stone is crucial, as this is the major factor that decides the visibility, clarity and the intensity of the cat’s eye effect. The most popular and preferred shapes are: circular, round cabochons and circular. In these shapes, the color as well as the chatoyancy effect comes out most clearly and beautifully.

Cat’s Eye Opalite birthstone, mythology and lore.

Cat’s Eye Opalite is associated with three sun signs: Scorpio, Aries and Libra. It also bears connection with the month of October. While buying or gifting this stone, you are advised to use this information in order to enhance the significance of your present. It is believed that the natural form of this stone helps in alleviating depression and ushering a positive spirit in life. It is also believed to help the wearer in making optimum use of his mind.