Green Quartz

Green quartz belonging to the Quartz family is one of the most lovable gemstones to be found on the planet Earth. Also known as Adventurine or Prasiolite, it is an amazingly beautiful and tough gemstone to be used in creating fine pieces of designer jewelry. Green Quartz is available in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes such as oval, square, round, pear and heart shape which allows it to be transformed into various fancy cuts well suited to form brilliant jewelry pieces. Most of the loose green quartz is found in Brazil and also in the Ural Mountains of France and Russia. It is usually formed when some specific kinds of quartz containing certain iron react with heat and as a result turn into different shades of green giving birth to green quartz.

Green quartz in jewelry.

Green quartz is a popular gemstone to create fine jewelry because of its scratch resistant, durable and sparkling properties. While choosing green quartz, pick the one which really defines you and which speaks to you. To avail the best benefit of your money, it’s better to buy loose green quartz gemstone as it is inexpensive than studded gemstone and secondly you can set your loose cut gemstones into the excellent jewelry of your choice. Feel the pleasure of creating some of the most elegant jewelry out of your loose green quartz whether it is green quartz ring in platinum or green quartz pendant in sterling silver or green quartz earrings in white diamond, all of them will surely make you fall in love with yourself. A multitude of unique shapes and designs of green quartz offer you an opportunity to discover your own original jewelry piece to suit your taste and personality.

Green quartz mythology.

According to mythology, green quartz is not regarded as the birthstone of any month but it is said to be a lucky gemstone in the matters of love, health and wealth. It promotes love, success and prosperity and brings positive benefits in the life of the wearer. It is also blessed with the generic healing properties which makes it renowned as a healing crystal. According to the ancient beliefs, green quartz opens the heart chakras and reduces emotional discomfort by promoting intuitive capability. It is also said that it contains transformational properties which transmute negative energy to positive. The protective and spiritual power of green quartz has made it the foremost choice of metaphysicians. Green is the color of nature and is naturally dotted with harmonizing and balancing effects.