Burma Ruby

The ruby is one of the most popular and beautiful of the precious gemstones, and is often used in jewelry because of its hardness and striking bright red color. Burma ruby is the most sought after, and when cut exquisitely the ruby’s value can be greater even than diamonds, as good examples of transparent, large Burma rubies are very rare.

What is Burma/African Ruby?

Burma Ruby is the red form of the precious stone Corundum. All other colors of Corundum are referred to as sapphires, though sapphire is most commonly associated with blue. Rubies and sapphires share all of their properties except for color, and are the second hardest of precious stones after diamond. Ruby comes in all different shades of red, from deep, blood red through to bright, vibrant scarlet. Some blue-red, purplish stones, part way in color between a ruby and a blue sapphire, can also be found, though these are usually called sapphires.

Burma Ruby Value

Depending on the size and quality, if you want to buy a ruby you could be looking at thousands of dollars per carat, with particularly fine examples of the stone fetching millions. Of course, you can buy ruby of more standard quality in jewelry for far less than that, and can even buy synthetic ruby if you want the bright red color without the precious gem price tag.

How to Buy Ruby

You can buy loose ruby, either cut or uncut, to use in jewelry making, or you can buy pieces with ruby set into them, sometimes on its own or sometimes in combination with other stones such as diamonds. Ruby is one of the most popular stones used in high end jewelry, because of its clarity, luster and also its hardness. Burma Ruby prices vary according to size and quality, but if you are looking for something very exquisite you can expect to pay a lot of money.

Common Uses of Burma Ruby

Ruby is most commonly used in jewelry, and sometimes in other forms of ornamental pieces. Ruby is often given as a gift for certain circumstances, for example the ruby wedding anniversary, which falls when a couple have been married for 40 years, is when couples traditionally would receive or give each other gifts made of rubies. Ruby is also the birthstone for July, and so can be a great gift for somebody with a July birthday, particularly when it is a special birthday such as their 21st.

Rubies for sale

Stones which can be similar in appearance to rubies include Spinel, which is so identical in appearance to a ruby and found in the same places, that only scientific analysis can tell them apart, and other stones such as garnet and red tourmaline, which can, in the right shades, look a lot like ruby, but are significantly softer and much less valuable.
Rubies are beautiful stones and can look stunning in all sorts of pieces, whether set on their own or used to add color to a diamond piece. This is why they are among the most popular, valuable and sought after gemstones.