Cabochon Ruby

What is Cabochon Ruby?

Ruby is the reddest variety of the corundum stones and has long been one of the most valued gemstones. Cabochon rubies have been found in the jewellery of the elite such as kings and queens since they were first mined. Cabochon rubies point to a shape that is specifically designed for jewellery, but rubies are also found in other shapes such as trillion, square, pear, emerald cut, round, cushion, oval and heart. The colours of cabochon rubies vary from a pinky red to very intense and vivid pigeon blood red. Cabochon ruby prices vary depending on their beauty, rarity and durability. The most valuable are from Burma, which have the best colour. Cabochon rubies from Burma have a very fine, almost fluorescent red colour.

Why Buy Loose Cabochon Ruby?

There are two main reasons to buy cabochon ruby as a loose gemstone. One of the reasons is that it allows you the freedom to choose what you want the stone to be set in. You could fit it in any type of jewellery. You could even design your own jewellery setting, from different types of materials (gold, silver, titanium, platinum, steel, etc…). Opting for loose cabochon jewellery means you can really make a unique piece of jewellery.

The second main benefit is that you are able to truly see the quality of your gemstone. All too often, when a gemstone is purchased inside jewellery, the setting of the jewellery actually hides imperfections on the cabochon ruby. If you buy it loose, you will be able to see all the corners of the stone and truly know what the quality of the stone is.

Cabochon Ruby Myths and Legends

There are many myths, beliefs, legends, traditions, superstitions and symbolisms associated with sapphires and rubies. With regards to cabochon rubies, it is said that they counteracted poison. This stems from the time of Borgia in the 15th and 16th centuries. Unsurprisingly, they were incredibly popular. It was also said that the ruby would turn darker if the wearer was angry. Furthermore, if rubbed on the skin, the cabochon ruby is said to restore vitality and youth. Also, in the Middle Ages, people believed that the stone was used for prophecies.

Cabochon Ruby Sources

Rubies are mined in a range of different places, but the best cabochon rubies are found in the Mogok Stone Tract in Burma (Myanmar). This has been the place where the best rubies can be found for the past 800 years. Two optical effects can be found in Mogok cabochon rubies, being the purity and the saturation of their colour as well as the fluorescent glow they expose as a reaction to ultraviolet light. No other cabochon ruby has a similar glowing red. Other locations where rubies are mined included Thailand, Madagascar, China, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), the United States, Australia, Kenya, India and Tanzania. Each has different properties and different saturations and hues, which is reflected in the cabochon ruby prices of course. But none rivals the quality and purity of the Mogok rubies.