Star Ruby

What is Star Ruby?

A star ruby is formed like a star with six rays and the surface of the gemstone shimmers when it is moved. The ruby is from the corundum family, together with the sapphire. It is the second hardest gemstone available, after diamond and is one of the four precious gemstones, the other three being diamond, sapphire and emerald. Star rubies come in a range of shades, depending on the iron and chromium content. Star ruby prices vary but the most expensive ones are coloured in what is known as pigeon blood red. This type is only found in the Myanmar mines. A star ruby price will always be high, as it is one of the most expensive gems as well as being rarer than diamonds.

Why Buy Loose Star Ruby? If you want to have a unique piece of jewellery and know for sure that you are purchasing a gemstone that is worth its money, you may want to consider buying loose star ruby. Very often, gemstones that have already been placed in a jewellery setting, be it a ring, a pendant, a bracelet or any other type of jewellery, have imperfections that are hidden by the setting. However, they will be sold at the same price as a gemstone with no imperfections. If you buy a loose star ruby, you will have the opportunity to fully inspect the stone and ensure there are no imperfections, thereby ensuring that you are getting value for money.

Secondly, with a loose gemstone, you are able to design the setting of the jewellery yourself. You will be able to decide in what sort of jewellery you want to place it and what materials are used to secure the gemstone, such as silver, titanium, steel, gold or platinum. By buying a loose gemstone, you are creating a unique piece of jewellery.

Star Ruby Myths and Legends

It was long believed that India was the only source of rubies. In Sanskrit, ratnaraj (ruby) means King of Gemstones. Folklore tells us that the ruby protects us from bad health and bad luck.

Throughout the Middle Ages, it was believed that the universe reflects itself in precious gemstones. Ruby was the stone for the planets Pluto and Mars.

It is still believed by many that star rubies have healing properties. They are still used by traditional healers, such as medicine men and shamans. It has been demonstrated that rubies do work in healing people, but the question is whether this is due to the ruby or due to a firm belief by the patient that rubies have these qualities.

Star Ruby Sources

The only place to find real and high quality star rubies is in the most northern parts of Myanmar (Burma). From all the stones that are found here, only one percent has sufficient quality to be considered a gem and even fewer of these are the top quality pigeon blood rubies. However, some twenty years ago, a very large new deposit has been discovered in the mines of Mong Hsu.

Rubies have been found in other countries as well, including Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.