Black Star Sapphire

These stones are quite extraordinary gems reflecting beautiful star shapes from deep within their dark colors. They are composed, like all other sapphires, of an aluminum oxide called corundum. Corundum in its own right is translucent but titanium and iron impurities in the black star sapphire give it its dark, dusky coloring.

What is a Black Star Sapphire?

When light travels through the stone, the rutile needles within the gemstone are bounced back out creating a star or asterisk shape which constantly dances through the stone. Black star sapphires display this pattern particularly well against their deep background. Sapphires are the second hardest substance available on the earth, coming just behind diamonds which are the hardest.

Because they are fairly readily available, black star sapphire value is a little lower than other sapphires. The black star sapphire value can vary quite a lot depending on where you buy them from so it’s wise to shop around. Once a black star sapphire has been faceted, the unique star will display so these stones are usually cut into cabochons, which preserves the feature.

Buying Black Star Sapphire

There are plenty of websites for wholesalers online where you can buy black star sapphire. Shop around online to find a good deal and you will be certain to find black star sapphire at a reasonable price. Black star sapphire prices can vary considerably according to the quality of the stone, which is measured in carats.

Black Star Sapphire Myths

In ancient times, one popular black star sapphire myth was that it held protective qualities against evil and people would use them to protect themselves from malicious spirits. The star that is reflected from the needles within the stone represents destiny, hope and faith. Sapphire is the birthstone for those who are born in September and on the Zodiac chart it is the stone of Taurus.

Abbes Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), a gemstone fanatic who extolled the virtues of various stones, claimed that regularly licking the surface of a sapphire would expel the negative juices from the body that hinder the intellect, thereby making the person in question more intelligent.

Buying Loose Black Star Sapphire

Have a look around online for various suppliers to see which ones will sell you loose black star sapphires. They can be used to make jewelry and create some very striking pieces. Necklaces in particular are very eye catching with a black star sapphire pendant suspended from them.

Famous Black Star Sapphires

Back in 1930, a child discovered the largest sapphire in the world totally by chance. It is the Black Star of Queensland and is a 733 carat black star sapphire, making it the largest sapphire in the world. The child, Roy Spencer, took it home where the family implemented it as a doorstop, having no idea of the stone’s value. The stone was eventually bought by an Armenian jeweler and cut to shape, creating what is now known as a symbol of mystical good fortune.