Blue - Pink Star Sapphire

Blue and pink star Sapphires are very beautiful and quite a sight to behold. The needle like inclusions inherent to this gemstone are what give it the unique star shape that reflects out when light is passed through the gemstone. These star shapes are usually 6 pointed. On the surface of the stone an image appears to move around according to where the light enters.

If you are thinking about purchasing a blue or pink star sapphire, you should be aware that the prices can vary considerably. The quality of the stone is determined by the stone’s carat weight and the clarity of the image displayed on the surface of the stone. Blue or pink star sapphire value is variable and therefore shopping around online should give you a good deal. You could also check out bead shops in the high street for their blue or pink star sapphire prices. Here you get the added benefit of being able to pick up and inspect the stones thoroughly.

Why Buy Loose Blue-Pink Star Sapphire?

Buying loose blue or pink star sapphire is, in most people’s opinion, preferable to buying pre-set stones. They are usually cheaper and you can set them in whatever fashion you like if you have the tools and create some quite striking and unique items. Sapphires are extremely durable, second only to diamonds for hardness. This means they make very long-lasting items of jewelry and don’t require such gentle care as other, softer stones.

Blue-Pink Sapphire Myths and Legends

Known as the ‘gem of heaven’, many years ago Persians believed the gemstones to be little chips from the pedestal that they believed support the earth. Sapphire stones are said to symbolize sincerity, faithfulness and truth and are believed to bring great peace and happiness to whomever owns them. Another popular blue or pink star sapphire myth is that whoever wears one would find that it gave them tremendous strength and the ability to find solutions in trying situations.

Blue sapphires in particular were the most popular choice for engagement rings for many years and are still used frequently, often being set with diamonds to create a dazzling effect.

Ancient Indian culture believed that immersing a sapphire in water would create a healing elixir that would counteract any poison found in the bite of snakes and scorpions. It was also worn as a protective symbol against evil spirits, making them an extremely popular choice amongst royalty.

Blue-Pink Star Sapphire Sources

The two biggest sources of blue and pink star sapphires are Sri Lanka and Burma. Sri Lanka is most famous for exporting the light, cornflower blue sapphire, often being valued over the 100 carat mark. These lightly-shaded stones are extremely sought after and usually gain a higher value than their darker, inkier counterparts.

Burma (now known as Myanmar) has been recognized for producing fine-quality sapphires since the 1950s. The color saturation in Burmese sapphires is said to be unrivalled. Compared to sapphires from other sources, there’s no contest.