Fancy - Color Change Sapphire

Sapphire, being the second-hardest substance on earth, is a popular choice amongst gemstone fanatics and jewelers, due to its immense durability and long-lasting nature. Fancy color change sapphire is extremely popular due to its changing shades. The color displayed within the stone will change according to the different lights under which it is held. The changes can range from very subtle to quite striking, depending on the atomic structure of the stone. Sapphire is one of the few gemstones that can display a color change and therefore they are quite sought after.

Fancy color change sapphires usually appear as blue in outdoor light and purple under incandescent indoor light. They can also be pink in daylight and change to green under fluorescent light. Some of the stones exhibit a rather major color change whereas others are more subtle. The strength of the change will contribute to the fancy color change sapphire value.

Fancy color change sapphires can be found in a variety of locations but the main source is the gem gravels of Tanzania.

Buying Fancy Color Change Sapphire

Loose fancy color change sapphires are usually faceted and can be bought in a variety of places. If you are looking to buy fancy color change sapphire, it is wise to shop around online as you can find some very reasonably priced stones. Fancy color change sapphire prices can vary according to the size and quality of the gemstone. The fancy color change sapphire value can be accurately checked by gemstone specialists.

Fancy - Color Change Sapphire price and value

You can also visit high street bead shops to buy fancy color change sapphires and this lends the benefit of being able to feel and inspect the stones yourself. You can also ask the people who work in the shop any questions you might have about the stones.

Buying loose fancy color change sapphires is preferable as it is usually a more affordable option. Also, buying pre-set stones offers little in the way of creativity and if you buy loose sapphires, you can examine them yourself and decide how to best display them. Some extremely striking and unique items of jewelry can be created with these color changing stones.

Fancy Color Change Sapphire Myths

Sapphire is said to possess many qualities including healing and protective. Ancient Persians believed that sapphires were tiny chips off the pedestal upon which the earth was said to sit. This myth earned sapphires the name ‘gem of heaven’.

Ancient Indian cultures would immerse the stones in water to create an elixir that they claimed healed the bites of scorpions and snakes.

Religious cultures believe that the Ten Commandments were issued to Moses on tablets of sapphire and therefore the stone is revered and was chosen by kings and high priests to benefit from the sacred qualities of the stones.

Sapphire represents truth, sincerity and faithfulness. This is probably the main reason it is such a popular choice for wedding and engagement rings, often set against diamonds for a dazzling effect.