Green - Blue Green Sapphire

Sapphire is a very hard-wearing and durable gemstone that is available in many different colors and clarities. One of the most popular types of sapphire is green and blue-green sapphire. The colorful tints present in these stones are created by the presence of iron. The green sapphire represents tranquility.

Blue and blue-green sapphire prices and value

Blue and blue-green sapphire prices vary according to the size, cut and clarity of the stone. If you wish to buy blue and blue-green sapphire, many online wholesalers can offer a selection of loose stones for a good price. The benefits of buying loose blue and blue-green sapphires are that this approach is usually more affordable and the buyer can choose how they would like the sapphire to be set. Pre-set stones don’t offer much in the way of creativity and buying loose sapphires will allow you to inspect the stones and decide how you would like to display them. This approach also creates some very unique items of jewelry that are more unlikely to be replicated. Blue and blue-green sapphire value is measured in carats.

Blue and blue-green sapphire is usually available in a faceted cut, allowing for light to bounce and flash off the surface. This creates a very eye-catching effect. You can also find the stone cut into cabochons if you are a gemstone purist and prefer your stone’s colors to be unadulterated.

Blue and blue-green sapphires are extremely striking and are commonly found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma and the USA. A new site was discovered in Madagascar in the 1990s and the country soon became hot news on the gemstone circuit. Over time, several new mines have opened all over the country and have brought a valuable new source of income to the country.

Mining in Sri Lanka has been going on for thousands of years, the island being most famous for its Ceylon Blue gemstone. This classic cornflower blue stone display a very clean and intense color with high saturation.

Burma is relatively new to the sapphire market, only really becoming recognized in the 1950s. The USA has been exporting sapphires for quite some time, some of the richest, deepest blue sapphires being found in the Missouri River many years ago.

Blue and Blue-Green Sapphire Myths

There are many famous myths about blue and blue-green sapphire, perhaps the most famous being that Moses had the Ten Commandments presented to him on tablets of sapphire. This has given the gemstone a highly revered status in religious communities and hundreds of years ago, kings and high priests would wear sapphires for their sacred status. The British Crown Jewels are richly adorned with blue sapphires.

The Ancient Persians called sapphires ‘gem of the heavens’ on account of the belief that they were chips from the pedestal upon which the earth stood. They also believed that the vast color spectrum of sapphires were what gave the sky its colors. Indians would steep sapphires in water to create an elixir that they believed healed bites from scorpions and snakes.