Padparadscha - Orange

What is Padparadscha Orange sapphire?

Padparadscha Orange is a type of sapphire that has a mixture of pink and orange. It is in fact a combination, because of its colours, between yellow sapphire and ruby, so there is no full agreement as to which gemstone family it actually belongs to. Most agree, however, that it should be classed as a sapphire. It has a beautiful colour that is very delicate and lies between pink and orange. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit padmaraga, which is the colour of the lotus flower. The lotus flower, however, is certainly more pink than orange. Those who love the Padparadscha orange describe it as being a perfect combination of a lotus flower and a sunset. Padparadscha orange sapphire prices vary mainly depending on the saturation or the intensity of the colour, with the most expensive ones having a very fine mixture between pinks and oranges.

Why Buy Loose Padparadscha Orange sapphire?

Buying a loose gemstone such as the Padparadscha orange is always a good idea, as it allows you to set the stone in whichever piece of jewellery you like. You may, for example, design your own pendant and place the loose gemstone inside, or perhaps you want to replace a gemstone in a piece of jewellery you already own with a Padparadscha orange. Being one of the most expensive gems in the world, buying a loose Padparadscha orange is also a great way to keep prices down – albeit only slightly. Padparadscha orange is available in a range of cuts, although cushions and ovals are the most common versions. If you do want to buy Padparadscha orange, you may want to gather some more information about cuts and carats.

Padparadscha Orange sapphire Myths and Legends

As with all types of sapphires, there are numerous myths and legends surrounding the Padparadscha orange. According to legend, the first sapphire ever was worn by Prometheus. According to Persians, the sapphire was stolen from the pedestal that supports the earth and that its reflection is what gives the sky its colours. It is also believed that the Ten Commandments as given to Moses by God were written on sapphire. Sapphire stands for truth, faithfulness and sincerity and it was always widely believed that the gem allowed those faced with adversities to come to a swift solution. Legends surrounding sapphires appear in every culture but really reflect the Padparadscha orange value and intricate nature of the sapphire gemstone. They have also long been the favourite stone for wedding rings and engagement rings, although they have now mainly been replaced by diamonds.

Padparadscha Orange sapphire Sources

Padparadscha orange sapphire is mined exclusively in Sri Lanka. However, Padparadscha orange has also been found in Vietnam, in the Quy Chau district, in the Tunduru district of Tanzania and in Madagascar. Lovers of the stone, however, feel that these should be called by a different name, as these have been heat treated and have a different type of orange sapphire. Hence, traders generally don’t feel these gemstones qualify as being called Padparadscha orange, although the gemstone is no less beautiful.