Pink Sapphire

What is Pink Sapphire?

Pink sapphire is a firm favourite in jewellery due to the many different shades that are available, from hot pink to purple pink and baby pink. Despite all these different shades, pink sapphire is actually one of the rarest sapphires available. It is made from corundum, just like ruby (which is a sapphire with a few different chemical properties). Due to the rarity of the gemstone, pink sapphire prices are very high, with the rarest (over four carats) being the most expensive.

Of course, pink sapphire prices vary as well depending on the quality of the stone, as well as the size and how it has been treated. Generally, a pink sapphire will have been heat treated, as this improves the colour and clarity of the gem.

Why Buy Loose Pink Sapphire?

The main reason to buy loose pink sapphire is the value. Besides being less expensive, you are actually also surer to get good value. This is because you will be able to see the entire stone and imperfections that would normally be hidden by the setting will be fully visible.

Secondly, you have a greater choice if you buy pink sapphire as a loose gemstone. You will have the option to buy any cut, colour, variety or shape and you can set it in any material that you like (gold, silver, platinum, titanium, etc.). Your piece of jewellery will truly be unique. Many people also have old pieces of jewellery, for example family heirlooms, and would like to use these to build a new piece of jewellery to keep in the family.

Pink Sapphire Myths and Legends

It is said that Prometheus was the first person to ever wear a sapphire. He stole the gem from Cacaus, who himself stole the fires of heaven to give to man. Sapphire myths can be found in many other cultures, such as the Persian culture, where it was believed that a sapphire is a chip from the pedestal that holds up the earth. In Christian culture, it is said that the Ten Commandments were written on tablets of sapphire. Of course, the crown jewels of the British royal family have many sapphires, as the gem points to wise and pure rulers. In India, it is believed that dipping a sapphire in water forms an elixir that cures scorpion and snake bites and the gemstone is also said to protect from evil spirits. Sapphires are also said to bring joy, wisdom and peace to those who wear them.

Pink Sapphire Sources

The major sources for pink sapphire are Thailand, Burma, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Pailin Cambodia. They can also be found in Montana (USA), Australia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Tanzania, Kashmir, Malawi and Kenya. The most modern source of pink sapphire, however, is Madagascar. Stones that have been mined there have the same quality of those from Sri Lanka, long believed to be the only true source of sapphires, and it is actually almost impossible to tell them apart.