Yellow Sapphire

What is Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow sapphire is very popular because it comes in so many different shades. It is possible to buy yellow sapphire that is a lemon yellow in shade, or vivid yellow or even a deep orange yellow. There are many different colours to be found in sapphire. Because they are so tough, durable and hard, they can be used in any type of jewellery, although they are particularly popular for wedding and engagement rings. Yellow sapphire prices vary depending on the quality and size of the stone, as well as how it has been treated. Many have been heat treated, but the rarest and most valuable are those yellow sapphires that have achieved their clarity and beauty without heat treatment. Often, yellow sapphires have also been treated with beryllium. This process, known as lattice diffusion, is used to create a more vivid yellow.

Why Buy Loose Yellow Sapphire?

The two main reasons to buy loose yellow sapphire are the value and the level of choice you will receive.

Firstly, buying any gemstone loose means you can make sure you actually pay for what you get. All too often, gemstones have imperfections that have been cleverly concealed by the setting of the jewellery itself. Hence, you may be paying for a perfect yellow sapphire that is actually worth a lot less.

Secondly, if you buy yellow sapphire as a loose stone, it will allow you to set it in any material and jewellery type that you like. For example, you could gather together a range of your old jewellery and have it melted into a new setting for your gemstone, whether that is a ring, bracelet, pendant and so on. You will truly be able to make a truly unique piece of jewellery that fits your unique personality.

Yellow Sapphire Myths and Legends

There are many legends surrounding sapphires. One of the most famous ones stems from Burma and truly demonstrates the relationship between sapphire and faithfulness. In the legend, a goddess with hair from hold and sapphire blue eyes presided over the temple of Lao-Tsun. A monk meditated before her goddess every day, together with his green-eyed cat. Outlaws raided the temple and threw the monk on the floor. The cat leapt to his companion’s protection by sitting on his chest and scared the bandits away. As a token for the cat’s bravery, the goddess gave him her sapphire blue eyes. To this day, the temple still exists and wild Siamese cats live there. Typically, this breed of cat has green eyes, but those in the temple have striking blue eyes.

Yellow sapphire in particular is also one of the nine sacred gems in Vedic astrology.

Yellow Sapphire Sources

There are many locations across the world where yellow sapphire is mined. One of these places is Madagascar, where a variety of sapphires can be found. Furthermore, the sapphires mined in Madagascar are of the same quality of those found in Sri Lanka, the benchmark of all sapphires. So many sapphires have been found in Madagascar that it has allowed the economy to flourish.