Bi Color Tourmaline

What is Bi color tourmaline? It is most famous for offering an array of colors that few other stones can compete with. The name tourmaline originates from a mixture of the Singhalese words 'tura’ and ‘mali'. When translated, these words basically mean 'stone with mixed colors' which is representative of the sheer choice of tones and shades. There is a legend that states this stone travelled through a rainbow on its journey up through the centre of the Earth. Hence tourmaline is often referred to as the rainbow gemstone.

Bicolor tourmaline is a very popular type of this gemstone. It is aptly named because the stones contain at least two different colors in one stone. They make extremely interesting items of jewelry and each one is striking and quite unique. The colors in bicolor tourmaline alter from stone to stone and are dictated by the presence of different types of metal ions in the stone.

Bicolor tourmaline varies considerably in value. As a rule, it tends to be a little more expensive than its single-colored counterparts, but not always. Watermelon tourmaline is amongst the most sought-after bicolor tourmaline because, as the name would suggest, it features an incredible mixture of red, green and sometimes white in one stone. Of course the value of bicolor tourmaline also depends on the size, weight and rarity of the stone you wish to buy.

There are many places where you can buy tourmaline. Most people rely on the internet to find suppliers, and this is a sure fire way to buy varying stones at a very reasonable price. You may need to do a little bit of homework and some surfing to find good tourmaline prices but any seasoned web-user will quickly be able to source the best supplier. However you will quickly find a supplier you like to deal with.

If you would rather buy directly from the high street, many bead shops will offer good prices for tourmaline stones. Tourmaline is widely available and you won’t struggle to find sellers in your local area. They will certainly be very helpful is providing you with loose bicolor tourmaline stones that you can set yourself however you choose. This also offers the obvious benefit of face to face service. You will find this beneficial if you have questions to ask about your gemstone purchases.

Tourmaline is rated at 7-7.5 on the Moh’s Scale of hardness and therefore is relatively soft enough to be quite malleable. This means it is ideal for use in jewelry making but pieces must be cared for as they can scratch easily. When you are selecting your stone, be sure to enquire about the clarity and quality of color separation in the stone as these contribute heavily to value.

The most desirable type of tourmaline available today is the Paraiba range of stones. They range from a deep blue to green and are found in Brazil. These stones are sought-after and therefore you should expect to pay a high rate for them.