Cat's Eye Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone available in an unrivalled array of colors. Some stones are single shades while others can contain multiple hues throughout. Tourmaline gemstones are very popular in jewelry making for this very reason: the sheer choice available. It is the traditional birthstone of October, the stone for the Zodiac sign of Leo and is also the accepted gem in the celebration of the 8th wedding anniversary. This makes tourmaline jewelry ideal for gift-giving.

In folklore, tourmaline is said to appear in many different colors because it passed through a rainbow on its journey up from the centre of the Earth.

So what is a cat’s eye tourmaline stone? This type of tourmaline comes in white, pink, blue and green. Green shades are usually slightly more difficult to find than the others. It has parallel minute inclusions which mirror the light and create the effect of a cat’s eye. It is usually semi-translucent to opaque. Cat’s eye tourmaline is not as high in value as some of its counterparts, but it is still a popular choice. They are typically treated with epoxy resins to maintain the clarity and also seal the tube creating the cat’s eye.

The value of cat’s eye tourmaline, like most other gemstones, will vary greatly depending on size, color and clarity. Also, the serration of the white eye will contribute to the price of the cat’s eye tourmaline. Make sure you check the quality of stones before buying. This can be made easier by shopping on the high street. In bead shops and markets, you will be able to feel the stones and check them thoroughly for quality as well as ask the vendors any questions you might have about the stones.

You can buy cat’s eye tourmaline easily on the internet. The wealth of gemstone suppliers who have websites means that you can often compare different suppliers and get a better deal than you thought. Most websites will provide you with loose cat’s eye tourmaline but a lot will also offer stones that have been set in beautiful metal casings ready to create stunning items of jewelry.

Tourmaline is a stone that is believed to possess many spiritual advantages. It is rumored to help with grief and anger and many people use it to erase stress from their lives and introduce an air of peacefulness and tranquility. Spiritual healers use it as part of their treatment if they have a patient who suffers from stress and anxiety.

Rated between 7-7.5 on the Moh’s scale, tourmaline is typically quite a soft stone so it must be treated with care. It can scratch easily so be sure to clean it with a soft cloth and avoid using ultrasonic and steam cleaners.

Tourmaline is mined all over the world in Africa, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many more places. The most sought after tourmaline – Paraiba – is mined in Brazil and commands a very high value. Cat’s eye tourmaline is popular all over the world.