Chrome Tourmaline

What is Chrome Tourmaline?

Chrome tourmaline is also commonly referred to as green tourmaline. Tourmaline is available in many different colours, but chrome tourmaline is said to be the classic colour for tourmaline. It is a reasonably rare gemstone and enjoyed by both men and women. Chrome tourmaline gets its colours from the small amounts of elements and foreign matters within it. It has an almost emerald green variety and gets its colour from chrome and vanadium.

Chrome tourmaline prices vary depending on the clarity of the colour and also the cut of the stone. Cutting can be incredibly complex, as the colour depends on which direction it has grown in, so the cuts often have to be completely parallel to the main axis of the stone in the case of dark stones. With light stones, however, the cut has to be perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, so that the colour becomes deeper. Chrome tourmalines also have properties known as pyro electrical. This means that the stone gets an electric charge if heated. After heating, it has a negative and positive charge on either end of the stone.

Why Buy Loose Chrome Tourmaline?

Buying loose chrome tourmaline means that you are in control of the stone. You can opt to have it on display as a loose gemstone, or you can choose to set it in a piece of jewellery of your choice. You can then decide on the material of the setting, such as gold, silver, steel, titanium or platinum for example, as well as being able to decide on the type of jewellery, such as a brooch, a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, a pendant or anything you like. This means that by buying loose chrome tourmaline, you are able to design a unique piece of jewellery that matches your personality.

Furthermore, if you buy loose chrome tourmaline – or any other type of gemstone for that matter – you will be able to truly check the quality of the stone and see whether it has any imperfections. If you buy a gemstone that has already been set into a piece of jewellery, you may find that it has hidden imperfections that you are unable to see due to the setting.

Chrome Tourmaline Myths and Legends

There are many myths surrounding all the different colours of tourmaline. Firstly, it is said to have gained its large variety of colours because it travelled along the lines of a rainbow, collecting all the colours as it went along. It is said that chrome tourmaline helps people keep you and forge bonds of marriage. For men, it increases fertility as well as protecting them from attack. All tourmalines are said to be helpful for issues relating to the nervous system, including removing fears and making people more attentive and empathic. Chrome tourmaline in particular takes away excesses of energy and calms people down. It is also related to the fourth chakra of Anahata.

Chrome Tourmaline Sources

Tourmaline is found in many different places, including Nigeria, Namibia, Brazil, Pakistan, and other countries. Chrome tourmaline originates from Tanzania.