Fancy Tourmaline

What is Fancy Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is very popular in jewellery because there are so many different colours available as well as many different cuts. Fancy tourmalines have different colour nuances and are one of the most sought after type of tourmaline. This is, of course, reflected in fancy tourmaline prices. The fancy tourmaline is a real miracle and has at least two colours present in the stone. Some fancy tourmalines appear to change colour when viewed from different angles. One of the rarest fancy tourmaline is the cat’s eye. Fancy tourmaline prices do vary depending on the quality of each gemstone.

Why Buy Loose Fancy Tourmaline?

If you are considering having jewellery with fancy tourmaline incorporated into it, you may want to consider purchasing a loose gemstone. Firstly, this allows you to make sure you are actually getting value for money, by being able to check whether there are any imperfections or flaws available in the stone, which should draw the price down. Very often, if you buy jewellery that already has fancy tourmaline set into it, there are imperfections that the buyer will not be informed about, as these are hidden by the setting. Secondly, by buying a loose fancy tourmaline, you will be able to pick and choose your own setting, type of jewellery and material. You will be able to create a completely unique piece of jewellery.

Fancy Tourmaline Myths and Legends

There is much folklore surrounding tourmaline. Firstly, it is believed that it is available in so many different colours because the stone travelled along the lines of the rainbow, collecting all the different colours in the process. There are many other stories surrounding fancy tourmaline and other tourmaline colours as well. The last Empress of China, for example, loved pink tourmaline so much that she bought as much as she could from the Himalaya Mine in California. When she died, she was placed on a pillow made of carved tourmaline.

Tourmaline is also a tricky gemstone and it can mask itself as other gemstones. For example, the Russians long believed that their crown jewels contained rubies, but these were actually red tourmaline. Green tourmaline mined in Brazil looks so much like emerald, that it was sent to Portugal in great quantities during the 17th century, in the mistaken belief that it was actually emerald.

It is said that fancy tourmaline was discovered by some Dutch children who were playing with some stones that they had been given. These children discovered the unusual properties of the stone- mainly that it heated in the sun and then became polarised.

Tourmaline is said to be very beneficial for self confidence and psychic energy, as well as helping to concentrate and improving communication. They also break down negative energy and take away fear and grief.

Fancy Tourmaline Sources

There are many sources of fancy tourmaline, with the first ones coming from India, there discovered in 1703. It has also been found on Mount Mica, in Paris, Maine, but is mainly found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Myanmar, Brazil, Siberia and Sweden.