Paraiba Tourmaline

What is Paraiba Tourmaline?

Tourmaline literally means the stone of mixed colours and they are a reasonably hard stone on the Mohs’ scale. As their name suggests, there are many different colours available, including multi-coloured ones and some that look as if they change colour when you look at them from a different angle. Tourmaline prices vary, with green verdelite, blue indicolite and pink rubellite being the most expensive ones. Paraiba tourmaline prices are quite reasonable. When it was first introduced as a gem stone in Tucson in 1990, the crowd went wild and Paraiba tourmaline prices were as high as $3,000 per carat, which was a bit ridiculous. Now, however, the prices have come down so much that they seem ridiculously low. It’s a good time to buy in other words.

The Paraiba tourmaline is a beautiful stone, with a very bright neon blue colour and it is very unusual. It was first discovered in 1989 in Brazil by Heitor Barbose. Barbosa worked for many years before finally finding this incredibly rare stone. The Paraiba tourmaline seems to glow as if charged with electricity, even before going through the treatment process. It is now known that this is caused by the presence of manganese and copper within the stone.

Why Buy Loose Paraiba Tourmaline?

It is almost always a better idea to buy loose Paraiba tourmaline, or any other gemstone. This is because you are able to check whether there are any imperfections in the stone. Very often, gemstones set in jewellery have flaws or cracks that are hidden by the setting. However, you will more than likely be charged the same price if it were a flawless stone. Furthermore, if you purchase a loose Paraiba tourmaline, you will be able to set it in any type of jewellery you want. For example, many people have old jewellery that has been in the family for many years but that has been damaged and scratched. It is possible to have this melted into a new piece of jewellery, allowing for a new setting to be created. A unique piece of jewellery is hence formed, which can become a new family heirloom.

Paraiba Tourmaline Myths and Legends

There are many legends surrounding the Paraiba tourmaline. Mainly, it is believed that tourmaline comes in so many colours because it travelled along the lines of a rainbow and gathered up all of its colours. It is also said that tourmaline makes both the body and the spirit stronger and is particularly useful for the blood, nervous system and the lymph. Furthermore, many believe that it makes people more creative and has long been used as a talisman by writers and artists alike.

The stone is also referred to as the peace stone and is believed to promote peace and reduce violence.

Paraiba Tourmaline Sources

Tourmaline is found the world over, including in many different African countries (Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria and Zimbabwe), in Afghanistan, Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Siberia and the United States.