Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is one of the most sought after tourmaline stones, because of its vibrant, bright pink color. It looks fantastic when set in silver or white gold, and while tourmaline comes in many beautiful colors (the word tourmaline is actually derived from the Sri Lankan word for “mixed”, because of the mixture of colorful tourmaline pebbles that could be found on the shores), the pink variety is especially popular, particularly, of course, with girls.

What is Pink Tourmaline?

Pink tourmaline is the pink colored variety of the gemstone tourmaline. It is most commonly found in Asia. It has been collected, studied and used for thousands of years, and has a rich mythology surrounding it. The ancient Egyptians, for example, said that tourmaline picked up its many different colored forms because it came to the Earth from the sun and travelled along a rainbow, picking up colors on the way. This is quite a charming story, although obviously not true!

How to Buy Pink Tourmaline

You can buy loose pink tourmaline, either cut or uncut, or you can buy it set into pieces of jewelry, either on its own or with other stones. Some people buy loose pink tourmaline for use in crystal healing, as the stone relates to the heart chakra and is said to be useful in helping people overcome heartbreak and find inner peace. Different tourmaline stones work on different chakras, and the pink tourmaline, which is representative of the planet Venus, is used on the fourth chakra, the heart. What is Pink Tourmaline used for? Because it is not a particularly high price gem, compared with rubies or diamonds, pink tourmaline is given as a gift for the 8th wedding anniversary, rather than one of the “big” ones. It is also the birthstone of people born under the star sign Libra, so is often given as a birthday present to women who are Librans, especially on significant birthdays like the 18th or 21st. It is most commonly used in jewelry and in new age crystal healing. Numerologists believe that pink tourmaline corresponds to the numbers 6 and 7, and also use it in their work. Pink tourmaline, if worn, is believed by some crystal therapists to promote a person’s creativity and ability to heal, so it could make a great gift for an artist or somebody studying to become a doctor!

Pink Tourmaline Value

The price of pink tourmaline varies depending on the size and quality of the stone. While it is not a rare stone, and not especially hard, it is still very much sought after because of its attractive appearance, and is sometimes used to add color to diamond jewelry pieces, leading to some exquisite but expensive things like engagement rings made with the pink tourmaline stones. Pink tourmaline is a very beautiful stone, and will delight anyone who loves a splash of pink. Tourmaline jewelry is quite easy to find, and there are many styles available to suit even the most special of gifts. Because of its traditional reputation as a stone which promotes balance, friendship and creativity, pink tourmaline is a wonderful gemstone both to give and to wear.