Rubellite Tourmaline

Rubellite tourmaline is part of the tourmaline family. Generally, the colour denotation means just that: a colour. However, red and pink tourmalines are the exception to this rule and rubellite tourmaline is classed as a gemstone in its own right. Red and pink tourmalines come in a variety of colours ranging from tender pink to ruby red, with intensive violet and hot pink in between. However, in order to be called a rubellite they have to not only be red or shocking pink, they also have to react very specifically to sources of light. A true rubellite does not change the shade of its colour when exposed to light; it stays exactly the same and will not show tinges of brown when held in artificial light.
Another thing that makes the rubellite tourmaline so special is that it a stone that becomes more beautiful with more inclusion (other trace minerals within the stone). However, the inclusions have to be just right so that they do not take away the way the light passing through the rubellite tourmaline. The rubellite tourmaline value depends entirely on the cut, the clarity of the stone, the size of the stone and the amount of inclusions and how prominent these are. Rubellite tourmaline prices range from average to incredibly expensive.

Why Buy Loose Rubellite Tourmaline?

Many people opt to buy loose rubellite tourmaline because it allows you to create a unique piece of jewellery and because it allows you to truly check the quality of the stone you are buying. All too often, when a piece of jewellery contains a gemstone, the stone is sometimes quite impure. However, this can be hidden by the setting of the jewellery. Hence, you may have an item of jewellery that looks fantastic, but if you were to ever consider replacing the fitting, you could find yourself with a stone that cannot be used in any other setting because of flaws and impurities. Not just that, if you buy a rubellite tourmaline on its own, you will be able to completely design the fitting yourself, meaning you will have a completely unique piece of jewellery that you can truly transform into a family heirloom.

Rubellite Tourmaline Myths and Legends

It is said that rubellite tourmaline is a great stone for psychic development, including increased understanding in one’s self, increased levels of self confidence, increased concentration and better communication. It is also said to be a neutralising stone, meaning it takes away negative energies such as grief and fear. Unsurprisingly, they are used in alternative therapies to help the body, mind and soul relax and to alleviate anxiety but also arthritis, blood poisoning and heart disease.

Rubellite Tourmaline Sources

Rubellite tourmaline is found mainly in Madagascar, Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique and Pakistan. However, some of the world’s most beautiful pink rubellites are mined in the United States.