Blue Zircon

What is Blue Zircon?

Blue zircon is one of the zirconium stones. Zirconium is used regularly as fake diamonds. The term “fake diamond” is very degenerative, when the zirconium itself is actually a very beautiful stone. This, of course, can only be done with clear zirconium. The blue zircon is the most popular variety and has been declared an alternative birthstone for December. Zircon can also be found in dark red, green, brown, yellow and orange. One of the reason as to why blue zircon is so popular is that blue zircon prices are quite low. This does not mean that they have no value, of course. In fact, quite the contrary, many collectors are specifically interested in blue zircon. It is a very hard stone and one of the heaviest gemstones that can be found. This makes it quite susceptible to chips, which means that you have to take particular care if you are considering buying blue zircon.

Why Buy Loose Blue Zircon?

If you are considering buying loose blue zircon, you are making a wise decision. Buying blue zircon, or any other type of gemstone, can be very expensive, particularly if you are looking for really good quality. Blue zircon value is quite impressive, so you will only be interested in the best of the best of course. The only way, however, to really check that you are getting value for money is by being able to see the entire stone. All too often, flaws and imperfections are hidden by the setting in which the stone is placed, meaning that you are unable to see what the quality of the stone is and whether you are actually getting value for money. Secondly, by opting to buy blue zircon as a loose gemstone, you will be able to do with it as you please. You will not be hampered by settings that you don’t like, for example, being able to either design your own setting or simply keep it as a loose stone.

Blue Zircon Myths and Legends

One of the earliest mentions of blue zircon is by Hindu poets, who describe the Kalpa Tree. This tree was a glowing tree that was covered in fruits made from gemstones and leaves made from zircon and was said to be the ultimate gift to the gods. The gem has also regularly been used in a supporting role. If other gemstones became unavailable, blue zircon would be used as a replacement. In terms of healing properties, blue zircon was believed to help sleep, bring wealth and promote wisdom and honour. It is believed that the etymology of zircon stems from the Persian word “zargun” which means “gold coloured”. This is despite the fact that zircon comes in a range of colours, of course, but perhaps the Persians had only found the gold coloured zircon when they came up with the name.

Blue Zircon Sources

Zircon is not tremendously rare and is found mainly in Asia, including in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. It is also found in Australia.