Honey - Red Zircon

What is Honey-Red Zircon?

Honey-red zircon is one of the varieties of zirconium. Zirconium is best known as an imitation diamond and is used regularly to keep jewellery prices down or when other gemstones are in low supply. It is an ancient gem with much folklore and mystery stretching back thousands of years. Although some people see it as a “cheap” alternative, a honey-red zircon is beautiful on its own and can be incredibly valuable, particularly to the person that owns the stone. It is far more than the pebble it is sometimes described as. Honey-red zircon prices will vary tremendously depending on the size and of course the quality of the stone. All zircons are relatively low in price however this does not mean that honey-red zircon values are low. In fact, they are highly sought after by many collectors.

Why Buy Loose Honey-Red Zircon?

The two main reasons for buying loose honey-red zircon are choice and value. Basically, you will have a far greater amount of choice if you buy honey-red zircon as a loose gemstone. This is also because you will not have to be hampered by fittings that you perhaps don’t like. Not just that, if you opt for a stone that is already in a setting, you will be paying for that as well. The most important reason for buying loose zircon however is you can thoroughly check the quality of the stone. You also don’t run the risk that the setting of the jewellery is hiding any flaws or imperfections on the stone itself. This is particularly important for honey-red zircon – and other zircon varieties. Zircons are very hard and heavy stones and they can easily chip or suffer from abrasion. In fact, any good jeweller should wrap their loose honey-red zircons as individual stones.

Honey-Red Zircon Myths and Legends

There are many myths surrounding honey-red zircon. This is because they have been found in some of the oldest archaeological sites. In literature, it is commonly referred to as jargon, jacinth, matara diamond, starlite, hyacinth and ligure. It has also been mentioned in Hindu folklore, where a tree made from gemstones was an offering to the god. In Judaism, Zircon is said to be the angel responsible for protecting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The honey-red zircon in particular is mentioned in the bible as being one of the “stones of fire” that Moses received and placed in Aaron’s breastplate. It is also one of the foundations of the city walls of Jerusalem and is linked to the apostle Simon. In tradition, zircon stands for innocence and purity. It is believed to give the wearer inner peace, wisdom, riches and honour. It is also said that if it loses its shine, imminent danger is approaching.

Honey-Red Zircon Sources

Honey-red zircon is found in a range of countries, mainly across Asia. However, it is also found in Nigeria and Tanzania. Most however come from countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka.